3.3.2. Verifying the Downloaded Files

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Use the sha256sum utility to calculate the checksum values of the files to compare to the supplied values on the website. The checksum values are also documented in Table 3.1, “5.1.0 SHA-256 checksum values” and Table 3.2, “5.1.1 SHA-256 checksum values” for completeness.


The command line examples given are accurate for most Linux and Unix operating systems. Mac OS X includes the equivalent command shasum -a 256.
If you are using Microsoft Windows you will have to download a third party utility to perform these steps as it does not include a SHA-256 SUM tool.
After you have downloaded the file, run the SHA-256 utility and specify the file you downloaded as the first argument as demonstrated here:

Example 3.1. Using the sha256sum tool on Linux or Unix

This example assumes you have chosen to use JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.0.GA, and have saved the file to the default Download directory. If you saved the file to another location, or are using JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.1.GA, navigate to the correct directory and execute the sha256sum command in that directory.
[Download]$ sha256sum 
The values generated by the sha256sum utility must match the values displayed on the Downloads page for the file, and those documented in Table 3.1, “5.1.0 SHA-256 checksum values” or Table 3.2, “5.1.1 SHA-256 checksum values”. If they are not the same, your download is either incomplete or corrupted. You will need to download it again. If after several attempts you are unable to download a copy of the file that produces a valid checksum values you should open a support case to report the problem.
The complete list of SHA-256 checksums for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.0.GA is listed in Table 3.1, “5.1.0 SHA-256 checksum values”.
The complete list of SHA-256 checksums for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.1.GA is listed in Table 3.2, “5.1.1 SHA-256 checksum values”.
Table 3.1. 5.1.0 SHA-256 checksum values
File SHA-256 Checksum 44f7dce413fb462fe983ab7716f27abe34 9e6570575a890334c1ce9fc477e0a5 8e8aab592d9d02d855819b47740a6573 7f2f9b7ab4d5ceffc324a1043423d9a8 eee724ccd622101e57abd7151578b852 5a29ee5e5f03202caaeace664b0e8a58 66a4d3a6b101e28dcb328bb7b804cc4a 7914d54646219f818d32409da0850e52 1a3b341f592cda120e3dd7df8bd704466 e62ca082f533799fa20acc021e59ae8 5e3434354b2ed7ab5211e0e1bbe4160c1 c5e1714f2cca5d7ffafd4457e5c29af 946a7b27b30a2b5edaae3d92630743fb8 8a37fde3d14b4d7ec93be5a540065b7 09c145fa1e9a2cbbe504a3543e46efd66e ce3dbbbd5a0ce7a531009d6085b385
jboss-eap-installer-5.1.0.jar cfb52030cbb4a7ed08ec1a06e13940630 3cc7a6116c5efbae3cac2ef205431ab d1edcf783b1095ea61c08a70d5d646183 8023290359c2911972c43e4263664e4 b19d407b079350bd0ac30c42af94a8863 378c588eebcc0dfa50296166424368f c42ab845202389947b17036452b6260d a845a890f68c4086295e052339647f30
RHEL5.5-JBEAP-5-20110106.0-i386-disc1-ftp.iso e75bb1712854c815cf693cb2ad111d88d 4c97b2790d25a8330dbb21bec68d346
RHEL5.5-JBEAP-5-20110106.0-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso 729dcdd4cf3520cef274b501bf05627f88 6fdf8f3eaedf23ccf0a97b36914161
JBEAP5-re20110105.3-i386-disc1-ftp.iso 632bfe680de1a8c41ad5c5dafcfb3e1e7a6 ac23efc30452ee97de9475c162e01
JBEAP5-re20110105.3-variant-src-disc1.iso efa3e5d6bf561dbcc1c0fee225be5c31d23 d50a130ec2c406daa3a968746e279
JBEAP5-re20110105.3-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso 694b14dc0336a9ccd56cb5297f38a3e328 4e7c2b411b2238108709c4e13b10e3
Table 3.2. 5.1.1 SHA-256 checksum values
File SHA-256 Checksum a36152d7790631142579da4a3f72a5d 25a8fc509266d6bc7bb65664ad9fe7e01
jboss-eap-installer-5.1.1.jar a48168fd52f19c40bfedb03eb7b9caca3 aaca56361d801ca4a83d832da0a859d 269dbd16118886493056083cfc2d288 5bbb69f051037b9cf15883115467e99c7 dc9b3b75abbdf566caab9d60a5edb923 cf993b033a2696e3bb8a0d80e7cb4549 6353d73ece9ece8a4f6400d77fb86fb63 36a8e2c9898c76d61481df3a2ea99e5 58757206257e54238db355064cf8d9a4 6e43ce7b0ce962368d051c6ee644c723 2aac5e5c6ad7b0d42b0a578f936a7fda9 5360c0d36f7fa45c1ca070b01b496e7 b4cb563ef8bcd67189befd6447a08698 cbd920332ed736520107d41afc1a9ad0 60969ff6d02f9ad7a52a6dff8abc7db89 dfb99b38ecdf9329881a22392d06e37 b19d407b079350bd0ac30c42af94a8863 378c588eebcc0dfa50296166424368f
JBEAP5-re20120206.0-i386-disc1-ftp.iso d73b1581d9f6bdf563c5efdd9bed5eab 61ed627e80a33b30d2617cb9d48cbfca
JBEAP5-re20120206.0-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso caaf5221a0e406c2ec4515c864889a00 995ffd619ce10ad3c14938b803fc9848
RHEL-5-JBEAP-5-20120206.0-i386-disc1-ftp.iso 5efb04bb525cf6ca0841db3d8a72bb6e 7383d2761e5bbee8ce342a56357ccac7
RHEL-5-JBEAP-5-20120206.0-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso e177d3e3071741317c9cb916b569464 6d987145ea20e7348a2dfe9df27bb86a6
JB-EAP-5-RHEL-6-20120206.0-Server-i386-disc1-ftp.iso 9f41998258030c307e7c7ab1faedb4e3 d535ec4e13493e9eac1b8eac1f9a3460
JB-EAP-5-RHEL-6-20120206.0-Server-x86_64-disc1-ftp.iso 2532121c107341668e2c131f84526b1 3add669ab6e10bbdae1e20d0704e22525
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