Chapter 3. Changing Plans For An App

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After this section you will be able to change plans for accounts, services or applications

As admin you may change plans for a developer at any time, or in response to a plan change request that the developer initiates.


The change plans step is slightly different depending on what type of plans are being changed.

3.1. Change Account Plans

From the Developers page, you can search or filter specific accounts. Then you can select one or more rows at a time, and change the plans.

developer change account plans

3.2. Change Service Plans

From the Service Subscriptions page, which you can only view if you have enabled service plans from the settings page, you can search or filter specific subscriptions to a service. Then you can select one or several subscriptions at a time, and change the plans.

Change service plan

3.3. Change Application Plans

From the Applications page, you can search or filter specific applications. Then you can select one or several applications at a time, and change plans.

Change plans for multiple applications

Another scenario is to start from the details page for a developer Account. From there you select the application for which you wish to change plan. On the application details page, you can change the plan.

Change application plan

3.3.1. More Information

If rather than change to another standard plan, you only want to make a change for one specific app, you can use the customize plans feature.

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