Appendix D. Command-Line Tools

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AMQ Broker includes a set of command-line interface (CLI) tools so you can manage your messaging journal. The table below lists the name for each tool and its description.



Exports the message data using a special and independent XML format.


Imports the journal to a running broker using the output provided by exp.


Prints reports about journal records and compacts their data.


Shows an internal format of the journal encoded to String.


Imports the internal journal format from encode.

For a full list of commands available for each tool, use the help parameter followed by the tool’s name. In the example below, the CLI output lists all the commands available to the data tool after the user entered the command ./artemis help data.

$ ./artemis help data

        artemis data - data tools group
        (print|imp|exp|encode|decode|compact) (example ./artemis data print)

        artemis data
        artemis data compact [--broker <brokerConfig>] [--verbose]
                [--paging <paging>] [--journal <journal>]
                [--large-messages <largeMessges>] [--bindings <binding>]
        artemis data decode [--broker <brokerConfig>] [--suffix <suffix>]
                [--verbose] [--paging <paging>] [--prefix <prefix>] [--file-size <size>]
                [--directory <directory>] --input <input> [--journal <journal>]
                [--large-messages <largeMessges>] [--bindings <binding>]
        artemis data encode [--directory <directory>] [--broker <brokerConfig>]
                [--suffix <suffix>] [--verbose] [--paging <paging>] [--prefix <prefix>]
                [--file-size <size>] [--journal <journal>]
                [--large-messages <largeMessges>] [--bindings <binding>]
        artemis data exp [--broker <brokerConfig>] [--verbose]
                [--paging <paging>] [--journal <journal>]
                [--large-messages <largeMessges>] [--bindings <binding>]
        artemis data imp [--host <host>] [--verbose] [--port <port>]
                [--password <password>] [--transaction] --input <input> [--user <user>]
        artemis data print [--broker <brokerConfig>] [--verbose]
                [--paging <paging>] [--journal <journal>]
                [--large-messages <largeMessges>] [--bindings <binding>]

        With no arguments, Display help information

            Print data records information (WARNING: don't use while a
            production server is running)


You can use the help at the tool for more information on how to execute each of the tool’s commands. For example, the CLI lists more information about the data print command after the user enters the ./artemis help data print.

$ ./artemis help data print

        artemis data print - Print data records information (WARNING: don't use
        while a production server is running)

        artemis data print [--bindings <binding>] [--journal <journal>]
                [--paging <paging>]

        --bindings <binding>
            The folder used for bindings (default ../data/bindings)

        --journal <journal>
            The folder used for messages journal (default ../data/journal)

        --paging <paging>
            The folder used for paging (default ../data/paging)
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