1.97. OpenIPMI

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1.97.1. RHBA-2011:0096: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated OpenIPMI packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available.
OpenIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) provides command line tools and utilities to access platform information, allowing system administrators to monitor system health and manage systems.
The updated OpenIPMI packages fixes the following bugs:
* The command 'ipmitool sol payload' accepted incorrect argument values. With this update, argument values are validated. ( BZ#514218)
* The command 'ipmitool sel' accepted incorrect argument values. Argument values are now validated. ( BZ#514237)
* When the BMC (baseboard management controller) sends sensor data, the second event state byte is optional. The 'ipmitool sensor list' command sometimes displayed misleading data. When the BMC did not send the second (optional) event state byte, 'ipmitool' displayed the received data incorrectly. The 'ipmitool' command now checks the length of the incoming state field properly and displays the received data correctly. ( BZ#541263)
* If the user called 'ipmitool tsol' on a serial console over LAN on Tyan hardware, the application terminated unexpectedly. This happened due to a mistake in serial-over-lan on Tyan hardware. Now this issue is fixed. ( BZ#546386)
* The command 'ipmitool sensor list' failed when reading a sensor with invalid units. The ipmitool utility now processes invalid readings and reports 'Unknown' units. ( BZ#550120)
* In the lanplus interface, the 'ipmitool' command displayed unclear error messages when the user provided a wrong username or password. The 'ipmitool' command now displays a notification that the username or password is incorrect. ( BZ#552458)
* When setting user privileges with the command 'ipmitool user priv', the ipmitool utility automatically enabled IPMI messaging for the user. The updated ipmitool no longer enables IPMI messaging automatically. To enable IPMI messaging, use the command 'ipmitool channel setaccess'. ( BZ#552459)
* A serial console connected through LAN and activated with the command 'ipmitool sol activate' could consume all available memory resources. This update package fixes the issue. ( BZ#576004)
* The command 'ipmitool sensor elist' terminated unexpectedly when receiving an error. The updated ipmitool utility now parses the incoming packets properly and recovers from unexpected error messages. ( BZ#580087)
* The pkgconfig script contained incorrect link options. This could have resulted in linking errors when compiling software that used the OpenIPMI libraries. This update fixes the pkgconfig script and software correctly links to the OpenIPMI libraries. ( BZ#591646)
* When listing sensors, the ipmitool utility incorrectly showed the 15th bit of event state of a discrete sensor. The 15th bit of event state of a discrete sensor is now ignored as defined in the IPMI specification and it is hidden in the output. ( BZ#616546)
* The command 'service ipmi start' returned an error if the service was already running. The updated package fixes the service init script and reports subsequent service start as successful. ( BZ#619143)
* The 'ipmitool sensor' command failed to report hardware temperatures. This occurred on hardware with unusual IPMB (Intelligent Platform Management Bus) addresses where ipmitool bridged messages to the BMC. The 'ipmitool' utility now recognizes all IPMB addresses properly and does not bridge requests to the BMC, and reports temperatures as expected. ( BZ#636854)
These updated OpenIPMI packages provide the following enhancements:
* This update adds the 'channel kgset' subcommand to the 'ipmitool' command, which allows for KG key configuration. ( BZ#503039)
* These packages add a Dell-specific IPMI extension, which adds the "delloem" subcommand to the 'ipmitool' command. The extension allows users to browse the list of network interfaces, read the LCD panel and set its options, and monitor system power consumption. ( BZ#568676)
Users are advised to upgrade to these updated OpenIPMI packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements.
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