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1.122.1. RHBA-2011:0023: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated quota package that fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements, including ext4, remote quota limits, and LDAP address lookup, is now available.
The quota package contains system administration tools for monitoring and limiting user and group disk usage on file systems.
This updated quota package provides fixes for the following bugs:
* The quotaon(8) man page also serves as the manual documentation for the quotaoff command; however, the quotaoff(8) man page was not correctly linked to it. With this update, this error has been corrected and quotaoff(8) man page is now redirected to the quotaon(8). ( BZ#574804)
* When a user reached the hard quota limit (the maximal disk usage a user cannot exceed), the quota command did not display the remaining grace period (the remaining time before enforcing the limits) in its output. With this update, quota always displays the amount of time remaining in the grace period when the user has exceeded or met their hard or soft disk usage limit. ( BZ#589472)
* The warnquota(8) man page implied that the warnquota command checks the disk quota for all file systems, whereas it actually only checks local file systems. It does not, for example, check NFS-mounted file systems (i.e. those mounted by the Network File System) with quotas enabled. The man page has been clarified in this regard and no longer contains misleading information. ( BZ#589523)
* The quota package contained the xqmstat(8) man page despite the fact that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 does not support XFS quotas. The man page has been removed from the package to avoid confusion. ( BZ#589578)
* The manual page for the remote quota server was found under rquotad(8), even though the actual command is "rpc.rquotad". To avoid possible confusion, the man page has also been made accessible under the more intuitive name "rpc.quotad(8)". ( BZ#595729)
* The quotactl(2) manual page has been updated to refer to correct structure names. ( BZ#656827)
In addition, this updated package provides the following enhancements:
* When a user reaches their quota limit, the warnquota utility can send a warning email to that user. This update enables support for LDAP so that warnquota can now be configured to obtain a user's email address from an LDAP directory instead of simply delivering the quota usage warning email to the local host. ( BZ#459494, BZ#447780)
* The superuser is now able to use the '-r' (remote) option to edit quota limits on a remote system via remote procedure call (RPC) using the standard quota limit utilities. This enables quota limits on file systems which are mounted oven the network. ( BZ#469753)
* The rquotad(8) man page referred to the rpc(3N) man page; however, the "3N" manual section is not provided. This update changes all "rpc" referencs to correctly refer to rpc(3). ( BZ#474836)
* Quota limits for the ext4 file system are newly supported with this updated package. ( BZ#500231)
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated quota package, which resolves these issues and adds these enhancements.
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