Chapter 10. Language support in shipped applications

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Some applications shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 support multiple languages. This section discusses some of these applications.

10.1. Language support in Firefox

Firefox is the default web browser in RHEL5. Firefox allows you to browse web pages in many languages. An upto date list of languages supported in the latest release of Firefox can be found on
Web pages you access may be available in more than one language. To display pages in your preferred language, please set your preferred language order by selecting from the Firefox menu Edit > Preferences > Advanced icon > General tab and Language section. Click on the Choose button to add or edit your preferred languages list. The Languages window will be displayed listing the order of preference for languages you wish to display content in. Click on the Select a language to add... list to display a list of languages supported by your version of Firefox. Languages not listed are not supported. Click on the Add button to add the selected language. You may then move your preferred languages up or down the list of preferred languages. You can also remove a language from the list of prefer ed languages by selecting it and clicking on the Remove button. When done click on the OK button to save your changes or Cancel to cancel the operation.
More documentation on the firefox web browser can be found by clicking on the Help menu item and selecting Help Contents F1 or by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard while the Firefox browser window is active.
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