Chapter 4. Desktop

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Kate now retains printing preferences

Previously, the Kate text editor did not retain printing preferences, which meant that the user was forced to set all the Header & Footer and Margin preferences after every print job or session. This bug has been fixed, and Kate again retains the printing preferences as expected.

LibreOffice upgrade

The libreoffice packages have been upgraded to upstream version, which provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version, including:
  • OpenXML interoperability has been improved.
  • Additional statistics functions have been added to the Calc application, thus improving interoperability with Microsoft Excel and its Analysis ToolPak add-in.
  • Various performance improvements have been implemented in Calc.
  • This update adds new import filters for importing files from the Apple Keynote and Abiword applications.
  • The export filter for the MathML markup language has been improved.
  • This update adds a new start screen that includes thumbnails of recently opened documents.
  • A visual clue is now displayed in the Slide Sorter window for slides with transitions or animations.
  • This update improves trend lines in charts.
  • LibreOffice now supports BCP 47 language tags.
For a complete list of bug fixes and enhancements provided by this upgrade, refer to

New package: libgovirt

The libgovirt package has been added to this Red Hat Enterprise Linux release. The libgovirt package is a library that allows the remote-viewer tool to connect to virtual machines managed by oVirt and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

dejavu-fonts upgraded to upstream version 2.33

The dejavu-fonts packages have been upgraded to upstream version 2.33, which provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version. Notably, this adds a number of new characters and symbols to the supported fonts.

Support for transliteration from Latin to US-ASCII

Prior to this update, icu in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 did not support transliteration from Latin to US-ASCII characters mode of the transliterator_transliterate() function. Consequently, the user could not, for example, easily remove non-ASCII characters from PHP code strings. With this update, the user can use transliterator_transliterate() to transliterate Latin characters to US-ASCII characters.
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