Chapter 15. Known Issues

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The sssd-common package is no longer multilib

Because of a change in packaging, the sssd-common package is no longer multilib. Consequently, parallel installation of SSSD packages other than sssd-client no longer works due to a dependency conflict. Note that this was never a supported scenario, but the change that might affect upgrades under certain circumstances. To work around this problem, prior to upgrading, uninstall any multilib SSSD packages except for sssd-client.

User login override fails trusted adusers group membership resolution

If a user login is overriden by using the --login command-line parameter, then the group membership for this user will be incorrect until the user's first login.

Group resolution is inconsistent with group overrides

If a group GID is overriden, running the id command reports an incorrect GID. To work around this problem, run the getent group command on the overriden group.

Wake on WLAN not working with WOWLAN="magic-packet" in ifcfg files

Due to a regression, a kernel configuration item was omitted and a sysfs link for wireless LAN devices was not being created. Consequently, initialization scripts were unable to identify wireless LAN devices separately from Ethernet devices.
With this update, the configuration item has been restored to the kernel and the proper sysfs links are now created. However, a related error in the ifup-wireless script means that the following workaround is currently required:
As the root user, open the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-wireless file and change this:
if [ -n "$WOWLAN" ] ; then
PHYDEVICE=phy_wireless_device $DEVICE
iw phy $PHYDEVICE wowlan enable ${WOWLAN}     fi
to this:
if [ -n "$WOWLAN" ] ; then
PHYDEVICE=`phy_wireless_device $DEVICE`
iw phy $PHYDEVICE wowlan enable ${WOWLAN}     fi
The change is the addition of backquotes around phy_wireless_device $DEVICE. Save and close the file.

abrt is missing a dependency

The abrt package released with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 is missing a dependency on python-argparse. During normal installation, python-argparse is usually included as a dependency in other packages. However, if customers upgrade from an earlier version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, python-argparse is not installed. When python-argparse is not present, customers see errors like ImportError: No module named argparse when attempting to use the abrt-action-notify and abrt-action-generate-machine-id commands. To work around this issue, install the python-argparse package:
yum install python-argparse
For further information, refer to the Solution article:

The zipl boot loader requires target information in each section

When calling the zipl tool manually from a command line using a section name as a parameter, the tool was previously using the target defined in the default section of the /etc/zipl.conf file. In the current version of zipl the default sections' target is not being used automatically, resulting in an error.
To work around the issue, manually edit the /etc/zipl.conf configuration file and copy the line starting with target= from the default section to every section.
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