Chapter 5. More Information

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5.1. Reporting Bugs

Diagnosing a Bug

Before you file a bug report, follow these steps to diagnose where the problem has been introduced. This will greatly assist in rectifying the problem.

  1. Check that you have the latest version of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel, then boot into it from the GRUB menu. Try reproducing the problem with the standard kernel. If the problem still occurs, report a bug against Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  2. If the problem does not occur when using the standard kernel, then the bug is probably the result of changes introduced in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time specific enhancements Red Hat has applied on top of the baseline (3.10.0) kernel.
Reporting a Bug

If you have determined that the bug is specific to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time follow these instructions to enter a bug report:

  1. Create a Bugzilla account if you do not have it yet..
  2. Click on Enter A New Bug Report. Log in if necessary.
  3. Select the Red Hat classification.
  4. Select the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 product.
  5. If it is a kernel issue, enter kernel-rt as the component. Otherwise, enter the name of the affected user-space component, such as trace-cmd.
  6. Continue to enter the bug information by giving a detailed problem description. When entering the problem description be sure to include details of whether you were able to reproduce the problem on the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel.
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