Chapter 17. Patch Console Commands

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The patch commands allow you to download, install, and manage patches.
Patches contain a discreet set of bundles intended to update a standalone container. Each patch includes the following metadata:
  • the patch name
  • a description of the patch
  • the list of bundles included in the patch
The basic procedure applying a patch is:
  1. You receive a notice from customer support that a patch is available.
  2. Using the URL provided by customer support, you download the patch using the patch:add command.
    This command downloads an archive file, unzips the archive, and puts the relevant JAR files under the container's system/ directory. The patch does not overwrite any of the existing JAR files and the patch is not actually installed until you run the patch:install command.
  3. You install the patch using the patch:install command.
  4. If you notice that the patch is causing issues, you can remove it using the patch:rollback command.
These commands are not suitable for use with containers that are part of a fabric. They are only for use in applying patches to standalone containers.
Type patch: then press Tab at the prompt to view the available commands.

17.1. patch:add, download


download a patch file from a remote location and places the relevant JAR files in the container's system directory


patch:add [ --help ] [ --bundles ] { URL }


Table 17.1, “patch:add Arguments” describes the command's arguments.
Table 17.1. patch:add Arguments
--helpDisplays the online help for this command.
--bundlesList the bundles included in the patch.
URLSpecifies the URL from which the patch is downloaded.
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