Appendix B. Enumerated Value Translation

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B.1. Enumerated Value Translation

The API uses Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Query Language to perform search queries. For more information on the Query Language, read the full specification in Performing Searches in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Administration Guide.
Note that certain enumerated values in the API require a different search query when using the Query Language. The following table provides a translation for these key enumerated values.
Table B.1. Enumerated Value Translations
Resource Type
API Enumerable Type
API Enumerable Value
Query Language Property
Query Language Value
Data Centers
data_center_states not_operational status notoperational
host_states non_responsive status nonresponsive
install_failed installfailed
preparing_for_maintenance preparingformaintenance
non_operational nonoperational
pending_approval pendingapproval
Virtual Machines
vm_states powering_up status poweringup
powering_down poweringdown
migrating migratingfrom
migrating migratingto
not_responding notresponding
wait_for_launch waitforlaunch
reboot_in_progress rebootinprogress
saving_state savingstate
restoring_state restoringstate
image_locked imagelocked
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