Chapter 11. Networks

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11.1. Network Elements

The networks collection provides information about the logical networks in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment. An API user accesses this information through the rel="networks" link obtained from the entry point URI.
The following table shows specific elements contained in a network resource representation.
Table 11.1. Network elements
Element Type Description Properties
link rel="vnicprofiles" relationship A link to the sub-collection for VNIC profiles attached to this logical network.  
link rel="labels" relationship A link to the sub-collection for labels attached to this logical network.  
data_center id= GUID A reference to the data center of which this cluster is a member.
vlan id= integer A VLAN tag.
stp Boolean: true or false true if Spanning Tree Protocol is enabled on this network.
mtu integer Sets the maximum transmission unit for the logical network. If omitted, the logical network uses the default value.
status One of operational or non_operational The status of the network. These states are listed in network_states under capabilities.
usages complex Defines a set of usage elements for the network. Users can define networks as VM networks at this level.  


The API as documented in this section is experimental and subject to change. It is not covered by the backwards compatibility statement.
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