Part I. Viewing and managing your subscription inventory

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The Subscription Inventory page on the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console provides information and resources to help you manage the account-level subscriptions in your inventory. Specifically, you can view details and status information about each subscription, learn more about subscriptions and how to manage them, and explore purchasing and no-cost trial options.

Subscription-level details (name, SKU, quantity, and service level) about each subscription in your inventory are presented in the All subscriptions table. These details, plus the account support type and subscription capacity, are also presented in a list on the subscription details page. The account number is displayed in the table title.

The subscription status types (Active, Expired, Expiring soon, and Future dated) and the number of subscriptions in your inventory with each status are displayed in a set of tiles on the Subscription inventory page.

There are multiple ways to view and organize the subscription information in the All subscriptions table.

  • You can use the table to sort the subscriptions alphabetically or numerically by name, SKU, quantity, or service level.
  • You can use the tiles to filter your subscriptions by status (active, expired, expiring soon, or future dated).
  • You can use the search bar to filter your subscriptions by name or SKU.

Authorized users can use the Subscription Inventory page to manage your subscriptions and interact with your Red Hat account team, as needed, to maintain adequate subscription quantities and types for your account.

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