Chapter 4. Viewing additional subscription details

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The subscription details page lists the information in the All subscriptions table for the selected subscription and, additionally, shows the support type and capacity.

  • Support type
    The team you contact for support, such as Red Hat support (L1-L3) or Partner support (L3).
  • Capacity
    The units used to measure the usage of a Red Hat product, such as sockets, cores, or nodes, and the maximum number of units available for usage.

The Subscription details table also provides additional details about the selected subscription.

  • Contract number
    The 8-digit number used to uniquely identify the contract that the subscription is purchased under.
  • Subscription quantity
    The number of active subscriptions for a contract.
  • Start date
    The date that the subscription became active based on the terms of the contract.
  • End date
    The date that the subscription expires based on the terms of the contract.


To view the details about a selected subscription in your inventory, perform the following steps:

  1. From the All subscriptions table on the Subscription Inventory page, click on the name of the subscription that you want to view.

    The subscription details page opens.


    The table displays up to 10 rows per page by default. You can customize the table to show up to 100 rows per page.

  2. Optional: Click the rows per page arrow to select the number of rows that you want to view on each page.


    Your subscription details might span more than one page.

  3. Use the next and previous arrows to move between pages, if applicable.

4.1. Filtering by contract number

You can use the search bar in the Subscriptions details table header to filter the subscription details by contract number. For example, if you type “1” into the search bar, the table shows only the contracts that contain the number “1” in the Contract number field.

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