14.4. Change Logging Level at Runtime using JConsole

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In standalone activemq you can change logging level through JMX at runtime. The logging level can be changed using the Log4JConfiguarion MBean which is accessible through JMX. JConsole, a part of JDK allows you the change MBean at runtime.

To change root logging level to DEBUG, follow these steps:
  • Start activemq using ./bin/activemq start.
  • Open JConsole and connect to activemq. To connect to activemq use the activemq.jar start listed in local processes if you have launched JConsole on same machine as activemq. For connecting remotely you need to configure activemq. Refer to
  • In JConsole, click the MBeanstab.
  • Navigate to org.apache.activemq -> Broker -> localhost -> Log4JConfiguarion -> RootLogLevel and set attribute value to DEBUG.
To change a particular logger use the setLogLevel on Log4JConfiguration MBean.
Activemq allows accessing the attributes and operation of Log4jConfiguartion MBean through the client application, See
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