16.5. Patching Standalone Apache ActiveMQ

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AMQ provides a standalone distribution of Apache ActiveMQ (that is, Apache ActiveMQ without the Apache Karaf container) under the InstallDir/extras directory. Patching the standalone Apache ActiveMQ is a manual process, requiring you to copy some library files.

Patch files

The first step in patching a standalone Apache ActiveMQ instance is to figure out what patches need to be applied. When it comes to determining which patches to apply, the same principles apply as for patching the container.
See Section 16.2, “Finding the Right Patches to Apply” for details of how to work out which patches to apply and download the relevant patches.

Apache ActiveMQ install directory

For the following patching instructions, it is assumed that you have already extracted the standalone Apache ActiveMQ distribution from the extras/ file and installed standalone Apache ActiveMQ into the ApacheActiveMQInstall directory.

How to apply a patch to standalone Apache ActiveMQ

To apply a patch (or patches) to a standalone Apache ActiveMQ instance, perform the following steps:
  1. After determining which patches to apply, download the relevant patches from the Customer Portal, as described in Section 16.2, “Finding the Right Patches to Apply”.
  2. Stop the ActiveMQ broker, if it is running.
  3. Make a backup copy of the original standalone Apache ActiveMQ lib directory, ApacheActiveMQInstall/lib
  4. Starting with the first patch file, use an archive utility to open the downloaded patch (.zip) file, and extract the patch to a convenient temporary location, ExtractedPatch.
  5. The patched library files for the standalone Apache ActiveMQ instance are located in the following subdirectory of the patch:
    Copy the complete contents of this directory to the standalone Apache ActiveMQ lib directory, ApacheActiveMQInstall/lib.
  6. Delete the older versions of the patched library files in ApacheActiveMQInstall/lib. Only one version of each library should be present in the lib directory, and it should be the patched version.
    For example, if you found two versions of the activemq-broker JAR file present in the lib directory after copying the patch libraries:
    You would delete the older version, activemq-broker-5.9.0.redhat-610379.jar.
  7. If you need to install a second patch on top of the first, repeat steps 4, 5, and 6, for the second patch.
  8. Restart the ActiveMQ broker.
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