Chapter 13. Adding a Queue or a Topic

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Normally, you do not need to add any queues or topics explicitly, because the broker automatically creates destinations on the fly.

Automatic destination creation

By default, the broker automatically creates destinations on the fly. For example, when a JMS producer client tries to write a message to a non-existent queue, the broker automatically (and transparently) creates the requisite queue and puts the message on the queue. Consequently, administrators do not need to execute a command to create a new queue or a new topic on a broker.

Restricting destination creation

In some applications, however, you might not want the broker to create destinations dynamically. In other words, you might want to restrict destination creation, so that only certain (privileged) users are allowed to create a new destination. If you need to, you can restrict destination creation by configuration of the broker's authorization plug-in. By restricting the admin role and not granting it to certain user groups, you can ensure that those user groups are unable to create new destinations on the fly.
The details of how to apply the admin role vary, depending on which authorization plug-in the broker uses. For full details about how to configure broker authorization, please consult the Authorization chapter of the AMQ Security Guide.
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