Chapter 6. Configuring automation controller websocket connections

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You can configure automation controller in order to align the websocket configuration with your nginx or load balancer configuration.

6.1. Websocket configuration for automation controller

Automation controller nodes connect to all other automation controller nodes via websockets. This interconnect is used to distribute all websocket emitted messages to all other automation controller nodes. This is required because any browser client websocket can subscribe to any job that may be running on any automation controller node. Websocket clients are not routed to specific automation controller nodes. Any automation controller node can handle any websocket request and each automation controller node must know about all websocket messages destined for all clients.

Automation controller will automatically handle discovery of other automation controller nodes via the Instance record in the database.

  • It is intended that your nodes are broadcasting websocket traffic across a private, trusted subnet (and not the open Internet). Therefore, if you turn off HTTPS for websocket broadcasting, the websocket traffic, comprised mostly of Ansible playbook stdout, is sent between automation controller nodes unencrypted.

6.1.1. Configuring automatic discovery of other automation controller nodes

You can configure websocket connections to enable automation controller to automatically handle discovery of other automation controller nodes through the Instance record in the database.

  • Edit automation controller websocket information for port, protocol, and whether or not to verify certificates when establishing the websocket connections.

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