7.54. fence-virt

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Updated fence-virt packages that fix two bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The fence-virt packages provide a fencing agent for virtual machines, as well as a host agent that processes fencing requests.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the fence-virt utility in some case incorrectly returned a zero exit code when it detected an error in processing a request. With this update, the static analysis errors that caused this problem have been fixed, and fence-virt now returns appropriate error codes if it detects an error.
Due to an incorrectly configured range of supported TCP and multicast ports, fence-virt did previously not work properly with certain ports. This update fixes the range of supported TCP and multicast ports, which prevents the problem form occurring.


When the fence-virt and fence-xvm utilities are invoked with the "-o status" parameter, they now print their status in a more comprehensible manner, as either "Status: ON" or "Status: OFF".
Users of fence-virt are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.
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