7.136. nfs-utils

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Updated nfs-utils packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The nfs-utils packages provide a daemon for the kernel Network File System (NFS) server and related tools, which provides better performance than the traditional Linux NFS server used by most users. These packages also contain the mount.nfs, umount.nfs, and showmount programs.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the mountstats tool incorrectly parsed arguments that ended with the slash character (/). Consequently, the mountstats command failed when the directory name included a slash at the end. This bug has been fixed, and the mountstats command no longer fails in this scenario.
The rpc.mountd daemon contained memory leaks, which caused rpc.mountd to use an excessive amount of memory and an undue number of CPU cycles. With this update, several memory leaks identified by the Valgrind tool have been plugged, and the described problem no longer occurs.
Previously, when the "mount -o remount" command was used and the mount failed, no error message was displayed. With this update, a relevant error message is displayed in this scenario.
The rpc.mountd daemon did not correctly parse IP-restricted submount exports. As a consequence, some exports were not accessible when they should have been. This bug has been fixed, and exports are now accessible when appropriate.


The mountstats tool has been updated to include the latest upstream features and improve performance. Several new options have been introduced ("--file" or "-f", "--since" or "-S", "--raw" or "-R"), output of the iostat and nfsstat commands has been improved, and relevant manual pages have been updated.
Users of nfs-utils are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement. After installing this update, the nfs service will be restarted automatically.
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