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Updated ipmitool packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The ipmitool packages contain a command-line utility for interfacing with devices that support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification. IPMI is an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote power control.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, ipmitool could handle only 16-byte-long Sensor Data Repository (SDR) item names. Consequently, listing a sensor with a long name could cause ipmitool to terminate unexpectedly. This update fixes the string identification handling, and the long sensor names are now trimmed correctly.
Previously, ipmitool could not recognize neither sensor thresholds and presence, nor fan units of sensors on Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers. This update resolves the unrecognized sensor reporting.
Previously, the ipmitool default timeout values set an insufficient time period. As a consequence, during retries, ipmitool could terminate unexpectedly with a segmentation fault, or produce a nonsensical error message. With this update, the ipmitool options passed from the environment variable are parsed correctly from the IPMITOOL_OPTS and IPMI_OPTS variables, and IPMITOOL_* variables take precedence over IPMI_* variables. As a result, ipmitool no longer crashes in the described situation.
Previously, ipmitool could not recognize the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) type Software ID. As a consequence, the default 5-second timeout for each affected line reported resulted in a very slow response. This update fixes the Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB) request setup, and slow SDR access times are no longer experienced in the described situation.
Previously, the ipmitool utility required an unnecessary dependency on the OpenIPMI packages, which had to be installed together with ipmitool. This update removes the dependency on the OpenIPMI packages, which are no longer installed when installing ipmitool.
An earlier version of ipmitool contained a version mismatch between the ipmitool packages and the runtime-reported version. Consequently, running the "ipmitool -V" command displayed the 1.8.14 version number instead of the correct 1.8.11 version number. With this update, the runtime version change has been reverted to match the package version.
Previously, ipmitool could not recognize DDR4 memory modules and could terminate unexpectedly with a segmentation fault on such systems. This update adds support for DDR4 reporting. As a result, ipmitool no longer crashes on DDR4 systems when running the Field Replacement Unit (FRU) inventory listing.
Users of ipmitool are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs. After installing this update, the IPMI event daemon (ipmievd) will be restarted automatically.
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