10.3.5. Establishing a DSL Connection

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This section is intended for those installations which have a DSL card fitted within a host rather than the external combined DSL modem router combinations typical of private consumer or SOHO installations.

Procedure 10.7. Adding a New DSL Connection

You can configure a new DSL connection by opening the Network Connections window, clicking the Add button and selecting DSL from the Hardware section of the new connection list.
  1. Right-click on the NetworkManager applet icon in the Notification Area and click Edit Connections. The Network Connections window appears.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. The Choose a Connection Type list appears.
  4. Select DSL and press the Create button.
  5. The Editing DSL Connection 1 window appears.

Procedure 10.8. Editing an Existing DSL Connection

You can configure an existing DSL connection by opening the Network Connections window and selecting the name of the connection from the list. Then click the Edit button.
  1. Right-click on the NetworkManager applet icon in the Notification Area and click Edit Connections. The Network Connections window appears.
  2. Select the connection you want to edit and click the Edit button.

Configuring the Connection Name, Auto-Connect Behavior, and Availability Settings

Three settings in the Editing dialog are common to all connection types:
  • Connection name — Enter a descriptive name for your network connection. This name will be used to list this connection in the DSL section of the Network Connections window.
  • Connect automatically — Check this box if you want NetworkManager to auto-connect to this connection when it is available. See Section 10.2.3, “Connecting to a Network Automatically” for more information.
  • Available to all users — Check this box to create a connection available to all users on the system. Changing this setting may require root privileges. See Section 10.2.4, “User and System Connections” for details.

Configuring the DSL Tab

Enter the user name used to authenticate with the service provider.
Leave blank unless otherwise directed.
Enter the password supplied by the service provider.

Saving Your New (or Modified) Connection and Making Further Configurations

Once you have finished editing your DSL connection, click the Apply button and NetworkManager will immediately save your customized configuration. Given a correct configuration, you can connect to your new or customized connection by selecting it from the NetworkManager Notification Area applet. See Section 10.2.1, “Connecting to a Network” for information on using your new or altered connection.
You can further configure an existing connection by selecting it in the Network Connections window and clicking Edit to return to the Editing dialog.
Then, to configure:
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