6.9. Creating Distributed Striped Replicated Volumes

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Distributed-Striped-Replicated volume is a technology preview feature. Technology Preview features are not fully supported under Red Hat subscription level agreements (SLAs), may not be functionally complete, and are not intended for production use. However, these features provide early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling customers to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.
This type of volume distributes striped data across replicated bricks in the trusted storage pool. Use distributed striped replicated volumes in highly concurrent environments where parallel access of very large files and performance is critical.


The number of bricks must be a multiple of the stripe count and replica count.

Figure 6.9. Illustration of a Distributed Striped Replicated Volume

Create a Distributed Striped Replicated Volume

Use gluster volume create to create a distributed striped replicated volume, and gluster volume info to verify successful volume creation.


  1. Run the gluster volume create command to create the distributed striped replicated volume.
    The syntax is # gluster volume create NEW-VOLNAME [stripe COUNT] [replica COUNT] [transport tcp | rdma | tcp,rdma] NEW-BRICK...
    The default value for transport is tcp. Other options can be passed such as auth.allow or auth.reject. See Section 8.1, “Configuring Volume Options” for a full list of parameters.

    Example 6.12. Distributed Replicated Striped Volume Across Four Servers

    The order in which bricks are specified determines how bricks are mirrored with each other. For example, first n bricks, where n is the replica count. In this scenario, the first two bricks specified mirror each other. If more bricks were specified, the next two bricks in sequence would mirror each other.
    # gluster volume create test-volume stripe 2 replica 2 transport tcp server1:/exp1/brick server1:/exp2/brick server2:/exp3/brick server2:/exp4/brick server3:/exp5/brick server3:/exp6/brick server4:/exp7/brick server4:/exp8/brick
    Creation of test-volume has been successful
    Please start the volume to access data.
  2. Run # gluster volume start VOLNAME to start the volume.
    # gluster volume start test-volume
    Starting test-volume has been successful
  3. Run gluster volume info command to optionally display the volume information.
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