8.3. Expanding Volumes

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Volumes can be expanded while the trusted storage pool is online and available. For example, you can add a brick to a distributed volume, which increases distribution and adds capacity to the Red Hat Storage volume. Similarly, you can add a group of bricks to a distributed replicated volume, which increases the capacity of the Red Hat Storage volume.


When expanding distributed replicated or distributed striped volumes, the number of bricks being added must be a multiple of the replica or stripe count. For example, to expand a distributed replicated volume with a replica count of 2, you need to add bricks in multiples of 2 (such as 4, 6, 8, etc.).

Expanding a Volume

  1. From any server in the trusted storage pool, use the following command to probe the server on which you want to add a new brick :
    # gluster peer probe HOSTNAME
    For example:
    # gluster peer probe server4
    Probe successful
  2. Add the brick using the following command:
    # gluster volume add-brick VOLNAME NEW_BRICK
    For example:
    # gluster volume add-brick test-volume server4:/exp4
    Add Brick successful
    If you want to change the replica/stripe count, you must add the replica/stripe count to the add-brick command.
    For example,
    # gluster volume add-brick replica 2 test-volume server4:/exp4
    When increasing the replica/stripe count of a distribute replicate/stripe volume, the number of replica/stripe bricks to be added must be equal to the number of distribute subvolumes.
  3. Check the volume information using the following command:
    # gluster volume info
    The command output displays information similar to the following:
    Volume Name: test-volume
    Type: Distribute-Replicate
    Status: Started
    Number of Bricks: 4
    Brick1: server1:/exp1
    Brick2: server2:/exp2
    Brick3: server3:/exp3
    Brick4: server4:/exp4
  4. Rebalance the volume to ensure that files are distributed to the new brick. Use the rebalance command as described in Section 8.7, “Rebalancing Volumes”.


The add-brick command should be followed by a rebalance operation to ensure better utilization of the added bricks.
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