20.4. Limitations

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This section lists the limitations of using Red Hat Storage Object Store:
  • Object Name
    Object Store imposes the following constraints on the object name to maintain the compatibility with network file access:
    • Object names must not be prefixed or suffixed by a '/' character. For example, a/b/
    • Object names must not have contiguous multiple '/' characters. For example, a//b
  • Account Management
    • Object Store does not allow account management even though OpenStack Swift allows the management of accounts. This limitation is because Object Store treats accounts equivalent to the Red Hat Storage volumes.
    • Object Store does not support account names (i.e. Red Hat Storage volume names) having an underscore.
    • In Object Store, every account must map to a Red Hat Storage volume.
  • Subdirectory Listing
    Headers X-Content-Type: application/directory and X-Content-Length: 0 can be used to create subdirectory objects under a container, but GET request on a subdirectory would not list all the objects under it.
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