11.10. Custom Domains and SSL Certificates

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Custom domain aliases are designated so that applications can use custom DNS entries rather than the domain generated by the system. Note that a CNAME record with your DNS provider is required for custom aliases to work correctly.
Custom SSL certificates with domain aliases are available for added security, but must be enabled by a system administrator. See the OpenShift Enterprise Administration Guide at for more information.
Management Console

Click on an application name in the My Applications tab in the Management Console to view custom domain name and SSL certificate management options for the selected application.

11.10.1. Managing Custom Domain Names

Adding a Custom Domain Name

Add a custom domain name to an application with the following command, specifying the application name and custom domain name:

$ rhc alias add App_Name Custom_Domain_Name

Example 11.13. Adding a Custom Domain Name

 $ rhc alias add racer
Alias '' has been added.
Viewing Custom Domain Names

View domain name aliases and SSL certificate status with the following command, specifying the application name:

$ rhc alias list App_Name

Example 11.14. Viewing Custom Domain Names

 $ rhc alias list racer

Alias         Has Certificate? Certificate Added
------------- ---------------- ----------------- yes              2013-08-05 no
Removing a Custom Domain Name

Remove a domain name alias from an application with the following command, specifying the application name and the custom domain name to be removed:

$ rhc alias remove App_Name Custom_Domain_Name

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