Chapter 1. Introduction to Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Certification Program

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Use this guide to certify infrastructure cloud images built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

1.1. The Red Hat certification program overview

The Red Hat certification program ensures the compatibility of your hardware, software, and cloud products on the Cloud Platform. The program has three main elements:

  • Test suite: Comprises tests for hardware or software applications undergoing certification.
  • Red Hat Certification Ecosystem: Helps to explore and find certified products including hardware, software, cloud, and service providers.
  • Support: A joint support relationship between you and Red Hat.

1.2. Certification workflow

Follow these high-level steps to certify your hardware, software, and cloud products:

  1. Create a certification request for a specific software or hardware component using the Red Hat Certification tool.
  2. Run the tests specified in the workflow guide, and submit the results by using the Red Hat Certification tool to the Red Hat certification team for analysis.
  3. The certification team analyzes the test results and communicates any required retesting.
  4. When all tests have favorable results, the certification is complete and the certified product is made available on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

The following diagram gives an overview of the certification workflow.

Figure 1.1. Certification Workflow Overview

Certification Workflow

Additional resources

1.3. Getting support and giving feedback

For any questions related to the Red Hat certification toolset, certification process, or procedure described in this documentation, refer to the KB Articles, Red Hat Customer Portal, and Red Hat Partner Connect.


To receive Red Hat product assistance, it is necessary to have the required product entitlements or subscriptions, which may be separate from the partner program and certification program memberships. For more information see Onboarding certification partners.

You can also open a support case to get support or submit feedback.

Opening a Support Case

To open a support case see, How do I open and manage a support case on the Customer Portal?

Complete the Support Case form with special attention to the following fields:

  • From the Product field, select Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • From the Product Version field, select the version of the Red Hat product on which your product or application is being certified.
  • In the Problem Statement field, type a problem statement/issue or feedback using the following format:

{Partner Certification} (The Issue/Problem or Feedback)

  • Replace (The Issue/Problem or Feedback) with either the issue or problem faced in the certification process or Red Hat product or feedback on the certification toolset or documentation.

    For example: {Partner Certification} Error occurred while submitting certification test results using the Red Hat Certification application.

Red Hat recommends that you are a Red Hat Certified Engineer or hold equivalent experience before starting the certification process.

All cases related to Certification use a Severity 3 SLA which provides for a one business day response time.

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