Chapter 7. Configuring the system and running tests by using RHCert CLI Tool

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To run the certification tests by using CLI you need to upload the test plan to the HUT first. After running the tests, download the results and review them.

This chapter contains the following topics:

7.1. Using the test plan to prepare the host under test for testing

Running the provision command performs a number of operations, such as installing the required packages on your system based on the certification type, and creating a final test plan to run, which is a list of common tests taken from both the test plan provided by Red Hat and tests generated on discovering the system requirements.

For instance, required hardware packages will be installed if the test plan is designed for certifying a hardware product.


  1. Run the provision command in either way. The test plan will automatically get downloaded to your system.

    • If you have already downloaded the test plan:

      # rhcert-provision _<path_to_test_plan_document>_

      Replace <path_to_test_plan_document> with the test plan file saved on your system.

      Follow the on-screen instructions.

    • If you have not downloaded the test plan:

      # rhcert-provision

      Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your Certification ID when prompted.

7.2. Running the certification tests using CLI


  1. Run the following command:

    # rhcert-run
  2. When prompted, choose whether to run each test by typing yes or no.

    You can also run particular tests from the list by typing select.


After a test reboot, rhcert is running in the background to verify the image. Use tail -f /var/log/rhcert/RedHatCertDaemon.log to see the current progress and status of the verification.

7.3. Submitting the test results file


  1. Log in to authenticate your device.


    Logging in is mandatory to submit the test results file.

    # rhcert-cli login
    1. Open the generated URL in a new browser window or tab.
    2. Enter the login and password and click Log in.
    3. Click Grant access.

      Device log in successful message displays.

    4. Return to the terminal and enter yes to the Please confirm once you grant access prompt.
  2. Submit the result file.

    # rhcert-submit

    When prompted, enter your Certification ID.

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