Chapter 9. Creating a passthrough certification

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A passthrough certification is used when the same image is provided as a copy of an existing certified cloud certification and is listed under a different image name.

You can create a passthrough regular or gold RHEL image from an originally certified regular or gold RHEL image.


  • Ensure that the existing image is certified or published in the ecosystem catalog.


  1. Open Red Hat Partner Certification Tool in a browser.

    Or, In your test server, open the Red Hat Partner Certification Tool in a browser by using http://<machine-IP>.

  2. Navigate to the existing certified image certification.
  3. Click Related certification > New Certification.

    The New Passthrough Product page displays.

  4. Enter required details in the fields: Product name, Description, Product URL, Supported Regions, Supported Languages, 3rd Party Certifications, and then click Create.
  5. Click the Details tab and update the relevant Subscription Model.
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