3.2. RHEA-2013:1130 — new packages: kmod-cciss

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New kmod-cciss packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The kmod-cciss packages provide kernel modules for controlling HP Smart Array Controllers.
The kmod-cciss packages provide temporary drivers for the following hardware beyond what was delivered in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9:
  • ML350p Gen8 Plus, DL360p Gen8 Plus
  • DL380p Gen8 Plus, BL460 Gen8 Plus
  • SL230 Gen8 Plus, SL250 Gen8 Plus
  • SL270 Gen8 Plus, DL160 Gen8 Plus
  • 1928103C | HP Smart Array P230i SAS Controller 1i x4 mini SAS for BladeSystem
  • 1920103C | HP Smart Array P430i SAS Controller 1i x8 mini SAS
  • 1922103C | HP Smart Array P430 2/4GB SAS Controller 1i x8 mini SAS
  • 1923103C | HP Smart Array P431 2/4GB SAS Controller 2e x4 HD SAS
  • 1926103C | HP Smart Array P731m 512MB/2GB SAS Controller for BladeSystem c-Class
  • 1921103C | HP Smart Array P830i SAS Controller 2i x8 mini SAS Snap 6 (DL580)
  • 1924103C | HP Smart Array P830 4GB SAS Controller 2i x8 ,mini SAS
  • 1925103C | HP Smart Array P831 4GB SAS Controller 4e x4 HDSAS
This enhancement update adds the kmod-cciss packages to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Driver Update Program (DUP). (BZ#975150)
Only users requiring temporary driver support for the specific hardware noted above should install these packages. Unless a system includes the exact hardware explicitly supported by the kmod-cciss packages, these packages must not be installed.
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