4.97. scl-utils

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Updated scl-utils packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
The scl-utils packages provide a runtime utility and RPM packaging macros for packaging Software Collections. Software Collections allow users to concurrently install multiple versions of the same RPM packages on the system. Using the scl utility, users may enable specific versions of RPMs, which are installed into the /opt directory. The scl-utils packages provide support for Red Hat Developer Toolset 1.1 packages.

Bug Fixes

Previously, detection of Software Collections that were specified to be enabled was done in a wrong place in the code. Thus, when attempting to enable multiple Software Collections with a single command, scl-utils enabled only the first given Collection. The updated package scans all the arguments, and all specified Software Collections are now enabled.
When starting an inspection of the already-enabled Collections, a wrong variable was taken as source of information. Consequently, when running a shell in the scl_enabled environment, users could successfully enable the already-enabled Collection. This could lead to destruction of some parts of the original environment. This update accepts the correct variable as a source of information concerning the already-enabled collections, and the collections are no longer enabled multiple times.
Previously, the python27 packages required a specific byte compiler. Consequently, the build of python27 using the wrong byte compiler collection failed. With this update, the python27 packages can be compiled successfully using a new functionality to override various rpm macros.
If the PATH variable was not set as expected by scl-utils, executing the "scl enable" command led to a "command not found" error message. This was caused by the scl utility calling the scl_enabled command without the absolute PATH and relying on the PATH set by the user. With this update, scl-utils calls the scl_enabled helper script with the absolute PATH, and the aforementioned error messages no longer occur.
Prior to this update, the ori_cmd variable was freed at the moment of displaying. Consequently, the scl utility could have failed with a segmentation fault. The fix has been provided for a double free or corruption error when reading commands from the standard input, and thus scl no longer fails.
While enabling Software Collections, scl did not respect results of a test and always enabled Collections regardless of whether the respective Collection was already enabled or not. As a consequence, a Collection was enabled multiple times if the Collection was specified more than once in the command, which could result in undetermined behavior. This update runs the enable scriptlet only if the Collection has not been enabled before, and any attempts to enable a collection multiple times in one environment are now ignored.
Users of scl-utils are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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