7.138. man-pages

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An updated man-pages package that fixes numerous bugs and add two enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The man-pages package provides man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, a manual page for the fattach() function was missing. This update adds the fattach(2) manual page.
Prior to this update, a manual page for the recvmmsg() call was missing. This update adds the recvmmsg(2) manual page.
Prior to this update, manual pages for the cciss and hpsa utilities were missing. This update adds the cciss(4) and hpsa(4) manual pages.
The host.conf(5) manual page contained a description for the unsupported order keyword. This update removes the incorrect description.
Prior to this update, the clock_gettime(2), clock_getres(2), and clock_nanosleep(2) manual pages did not mention the -lrt option. With this update, the description of the -lrt option has been added to the aforementioned manual pages.
This update adds the description of the single-request-reopen to the resolv.conf(5) manual page.
With this update, usage of SSSD in the nsswitch.conf file is now described in the nsswitch.conf(5) manual page.
With this update, the new UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW flag is described in the umount(2) manual page.
Previously, a manual page for the sendmmsg() function was missing. This update adds the sendmmsg(2) manual page.
Previously, the db(3) manual page was pointing to the non-existent dbopen(3) manual page. When the man db command was issued, the following error message was returned:
fopen: No such file or directory.
With this update, the db(3) manual page is removed.
This update adds the missing description of the TCP_CONGESTION socket option to the tcp(7) manual page.
Descriptions of some socket options were missing in the ip(7) manual page. This update adds these descriptions to the ip(7) manual page.
Prior to this update, the shmat(2) manual page was missing the description for the EIDRM error code. With this update, this description has been added to the shmat(2) manual page.
The bdflush(2) system call manual page was missing information that this system call is obsolete. This update adds this information to the bdflush(2) manual page.
The nscd.conf(5) manual page was not listing services among valid services. With this update, services are listed in the nscd.conf(5) manual page as expected.
Previously, the nsswitch.conf(5) manual page lacked information on the search mechanism, particularly about the notfound status. This update provides an improved manual page with added description of notfound.
Prior to this update, the behavior of the connect() call with the local address set to the INADDR_ANY wildcard address was insufficiently described in the ip(7) manual page. Possible duplication of the local port after the call was not acknowledged. With this update, the documentation has been reworked in order to reflect the behavior of the connect() call correctly.
Due to the vague description of the getdents() function in the getdents(2) manual page, the risk of using this function directly was not clear enough. The description has been extended with a warning to prevent incorrect usage of the getdents() function.
The nscd.conf(5) manual page was missing descriptions and contained several duplicate entries. With this update, the text has been clarified and redundant entries have been removed.
Previously, the tzset(3) manual page contained an incorrect interval in the description of the start and end format for Daylight Saving Time. Consequently, users thought the number was 1-based rather than 0-based when not using the J option. With this update, the manual page has been corrected. The Julian day can be specified with an interval of 0 to 365 and February 29 is counted in leap years when the J option is not used.
The description of the /proc/sys/fs/file-nr file in the proc(5) manual page was outdated. This update adds the current information to this manual page.
The connect(2) manual page in the Error section listed EAGAIN error code instead of EADDRNOTAVAIL error code. This update amends the manual page with correct information.


An update in the close(2) man page explains the interaction between system calls close() and recv() in different threads.
This update adds the description of the --version switch to the zdump(8) manual page.
All users of man-pages are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs and add these enhancements.
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