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Updated quota packages that fix multiple bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The quota packages contain a suite of system administration tools for monitoring and limiting user and group disk usage on file systems.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, warnquota sent emails from <> if the quota limit was exceeded and the warnquota tool was enabled to send warning emails and the default warnquota configuration was not changed. As a consequence, users could wrongly reply to this address and email bounces were delivered to the mailbox of <>. This update modifies the default warnquota configuration to use the reserved domain "".
Prior to this update, the option "-r" for setquota and edquota failed to set the grace times for NFS-mounted file systems without reporting errors because the underlying remote procedure call protocol does not support this option. This update disables the option "-r". With this update, the option to set grace times over the network is disabled and error messages are sent when using the "-r" option.
Prior to this update, the quotacheck tool could mishandle UIDs in processed fsv1 quota files if a user's block limit was reached. This update zeroes uninitialized padding in the "v2r1 ddquot" structure before running subsequent checks.
Prior to this update, the edquota tool could abort with a segmentation fault if the name server switch was configured to use the libdb back end. This update modifies the underlying code to make the "dirname" symbol in edquota sources static to avoid pollution of the symbol name space confusing the dynamic linker. Now, edquota runs on systems which use the Berkeley DB (BDB) database for storing user names, group names, or passwords.
Prior to this update, the quota_nld service logged the error message "Failed to find tty of [UID] to report warning to" when users without an interactive session exceeded the disk quota limit while running quota_nld service. This update applies these warnings to non-daemon debugging mode of quota_nld only.
Prior to this update, the warnquota tool sent a badly worded email message. This update changes the wording and the text is now worded more representative.(
All users of quota are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.
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