7.214. rhn-client-tools

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Updated rhn-client-tools packages that fix several bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Red Hat Network Client Tools provide utilities for connecting to and receiving content from Red Hat Network.

Bug Fixes

If a system used multiple network interfaces, the Satellite server might have discovered a different IP address from the one the user used to connect to Red Hat Network. This caused Red Hat Network to display incorrect information in the web UI. The underlying source code has been modified, so that the correct IP is now discovered and also the correct information displayed in the web UI.
Multiple-server failover did not work properly; a socket error could occur when multiple servers were configured. This update ensures that the user can configure additional servers to try if the first option fails.
Previously, the rhn-channel utility could ignore configured proxy servers when used with certain options, for example, "--available channels". This problem has been fixed and the specified proxy servers are used as expected in this scenario.
Due to a bug in the source code, the rhn_register utility could throw a traceback during registration if a USB device was connected in the system. The bug has been fixed, and Red Hat Network registrations work correctly in this scenario.
Previously, the rhn-profile-sync utility exited with an incorrect exit code if an error occurred. This update ensures that rhn-profile-sync exits with the correct exit code.
Previously, the firstboot and rhn_register GUIs displayed confusing or conflicting information that did not reflect changes to Subscription Manager. The text has been updated to be clearer and specific.
The rhn_check utility failed with a traceback if another instance of rhn_check was running. With this update, if the user attempts to run rhn_check while another instance is running, an appropriate error message will be displayed.
An outdated example icon was displayed on the Set Up Software Update screen in firstboot. The icon has been replaced to provide an example that matches what users see on their system.
Previously, attempting to subscribe to a non-existent channel using the rhn-channel utility failed with a traceback. With this update, an informative error message appears in this scenario.
This update fixes a typo that previously existed in the text of the rhn_register user interface.
The rhn-channel utility did not properly parse certain methods used for specifying command-line options. As a consequence, rhn-channel could fail with a traceback. This update ensures that rhn-channel can properly parse various ways that options are commonly specified in bash.
Titles for some windows in the rhn_register GUI did not follow standard title capitalization; some titles were lowercase. This update ensures that the titles are uppercase where appropriate.
When running the rhn_register utility, the "Enter your account information" page contained a link pointing to a non-existing web page. The link has been fixed and now points to the correct page.


The "-b" option can now be specified for the rhn-channel utility to display the current base channel of the system.
All users of rhn-client-tools are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.
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