Chapter 20. Development Security References

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20.1. EJB Security Parameter Reference

Table 20.1. EJB security parameter elements
Element Description
Contains child elements pertaining to the security identity of an EJB.
<use-caller-identity />
Indicates that the EJB uses the same security identity as the caller.
Contains a <role-name> element.
If present, indicates the principal assigned to outgoing calls. If not present, outgoing calls are assigned to a principal named anonymous.
Specifies the role the EJB should run as.
Describes the role named in <role-name>

Example 20.1. Security identity examples

The example ejb-jar.xml file below shows each tag described in Table 20.1, “EJB security parameter elements”. They can also be used inside a <session>.
                    <description>A private internal role</description>
The above parameters can also be included in the jboss-ejb3.xml file which is discussed in more detail in Section 8.8.4, “jboss-ejb3.xml Deployment Descriptor Reference”.
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