4.5. Creating a Software Channel

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Before uploading packages to the server, a custom channel can be created to house them. Refer to Chapter 6, Uploading and Maintaining Custom Packages for instructions. Once uploaded, packages may be reassigned through the website, as described in Section 4.6, “Assigning Packages to Software Channels”.
Channels are created on the Red Hat Network website as follows:
  1. Log in to the Red Hat Network website as a Channel Administrator.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click the Channels tab and then click the Manage Software Channels button on the left navigation bar.
  3. On the Software Channel Management page, click create new software channel at the top-right corner. RHN Satellite Server administrators are presented with the option to clone channel. Refer to Section 4.7, “Cloning Software Channels” for instructions.
  4. On the New Channel page, define the details of the channel following the instructions on the page. For most channel management actions, the Channel Label is used to identify the channel, so select a meaningful label. View the details of existing channels for ideas.
    The GPG key URL must be the location of the key on the server, as defined during the client configuration process. Refer to the Red Hat Network Client Configuration Guide. The GPG key ID is the unique identifier, such as "DB42A60E", while the GPG key fingerprint is similar to "CA20 8686 2BD6 9DFC 65F6 ECC4 2191 80CD DB42 A60E". Notice that the key ID is the same as the last pair of quartets in the key fingerprint.
  5. When finished, click Create Channel at the bottom of the page.
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