18.2. The Engine Configuration Tool

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18.2.1. The Engine Configuration Tool

The engine configuration tool is a command-line utility for configuring global settings for your Red Hat Virtualization environment. The tool interacts with a list of key-value mappings that are stored in the engine database, and allows you to retrieve and set the value of individual keys, and retrieve a list of all available configuration keys and values. Furthermore, different values can be stored for each configuration level in your Red Hat Virtualization environment.


Neither the Red Hat Virtualization Manager nor Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform need to be running to retrieve or set the value of a configuration key. Because the configuration key value-key mappings are stored in the engine database, they can be updated while the postgresql service is running. Changes are then applied when the ovirt-engine service is restarted.

18.2.2. Syntax for the engine-config Command

You can run the engine configuration tool from the machine on which the Red Hat Virtualization Manager is installed. For detailed information on usage, print the help output for the command:
# engine-config --help

Common tasks

List available configuration keys
# engine-config --list
List available configuration values
# engine-config --all
Retrieve value of configuration key
# engine-config --get [KEY_NAME]
Replace [KEY_NAME] with the name of the preferred key to retrieve the value for the given version of the key. Use the --cver parameter to specify the configuration version of the value to be retrieved. If no version is provided, values for all existing versions are returned.
Set value of configuration key
# engine-config --set [KEY_NAME]=[KEY_VALUE] --cver=[VERSION]
Replace [KEY_NAME] with the name of the specific key to set, and replace [KEY_VALUE] with the value to be set. You must specify the [VERSION] in environments with more than one configuration version.
Restart the ovirt-engine service to load changes
The ovirt-engine service needs to be restarted for your changes to take effect.
# systemctl restart ovirt-engine.service
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