B.5. Vaults

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B.5.1. Users Cannot Access Their Vault Due To Insufficient 'add' Privilege

A user is unable to access his or her own user vault or add new user vaults. The following error message appears:
ipa: ERROR: Insufficient access: Insufficient 'add' privilege to add the entry 'cn=testvault,cn=user,cn=users,cn=vaults,cn=kra,dc=example,dc=com'.

What this means:

The user's vault container is owned by another user. Typically, this situation occurs after another user, such as admin, creates the first user vault for the first user. The first user then cannot access any vaults in his or her own vault container.

To fix the problem:

Add the intended user as the owner of the vault container:
  1. Log in as admin.
    $ kinit admin
  2. Add user as the container owner:
    $ ipa vaultcontainer-add-owner --user=user --users=user
      Owner users: admin, user
      Vault user: user
    Number of owners added 1
    Both admin and user now have access to the user's vault container because they are both the owners of the container.
  3. Optional. Verify that the user can now create a new user vault:
    $ kinit user
    $ ipa vault-add testvault2
    Added vault "testvault2"

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