8.3. Cloning a Snapshot

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A clone or a writable snapshot is a new volume, which is created from a particular snapshot.
To clone a snapshot, execute the following command.
# gluster snapshot clone <clonename> <snapname>
clonename: It is the name of the clone, ie, the new volume that will be created.
snapname: It is the name of the snapshot that is being cloned.


  • Unlike restoring a snapshot, the original snapshot is still retained, after it has been cloned.
  • The snapshot should be in activated state and all the snapshot bricks should be in running state before taking clone. Also the server nodes should be in quorum.
  • This is a space efficient clone therefore both the Clone (new volume) and the snapshot LVM share the same LVM backend. The space consumption of the LVM grow as the new volume (clone) diverge from the snapshot.
For example:
# gluster snapshot clone clone_vol snap1
snapshot clone: success: Clone clone_vol created successfully
To check the status of the newly cloned snapshot execute the following command
# gluster vol info <clonename>
For example:
# gluster vol info clone_vol

Volume Name: clone_vol
Type: Distribute
Volume ID: cdd59995-9811-4348-8e8d-988720db3ab9
Status: Created
Number of Bricks: 1
Transport-type: tcp
Options Reconfigured:
performance.readdir-ahead: on
In the example it is observed that clone is in Created state, similar to a newly created volume. This volume should be explicitly started to use this volume.
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