9.2. Before Setting a Quota on a Directory

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There are several things you should keep in mind when you set a quota on a directory.
  • When specifying a directory to limit with the gluster volume quota command, the directory's path is relative to the Red Hat Gluster Storage volume mount point, not the root directory of the server or client on which the volume is mounted. That is, if the Red Hat Gluster Storage volume is mounted at /mnt/glusterfs and you want to place a limit on the /mnt/glusterfs/dir directory, use /dir as the path when you run the gluster volume quota command, like so:
    # gluster volume quota VOLNAME limit-usage /dir hard_limit
  • Ensure that at least one brick is available per replica set when you run the gluster volume quota command. A brick is available if a Y appears in the Online column of gluster volume status command output, like so:
    # gluster volume status VOLNAME
    Status of volume: VOLNAME
    Gluster process                        Port    Online   Pid
    Brick arch:/export/rep1                24010   Y       18474
    Brick arch:/export/rep2                24011   Y       18479
    NFS Server on localhost                38467   Y       18486
    Self-heal Daemon on localhost          N/A     Y       18491
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