Chapter 9. Managing Directory Quotas

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Quotas allow you to set limits on the disk space used by a directory. Storage administrators can control the disk space utilization at the directory and volume levels. This is particularly useful in cloud deployments to facilitate the use of utility billing models.

9.1. Enabling and Disabling Quotas

To limit disk usage, you need to enable quota usage on a volume by running the following command:
# gluster volume quota VOLNAME enable
This command only enables quota behavior on the volume; it does not set any default disk usage limits.
To disable quota behavior on a volume, including any set disk usage limits, run the following command:
# gluster volume quota VOLNAME disable


When you disable quotas on Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.1.1 and earlier, all previously configured limits are removed from the volume by a cleanup process, If you re-enable quotas while the cleanup process is still running, the extended attributes that enable quotas may be removed by the cleanup process. This has negative effects on quota accounting.
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