6.6. Checking Client Operating Versions

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Different versions of Red Hat Gluster Storage support different features. Servers and clients identify the features that they are capable of supporting using an operating version number, or op-version. The cluster.op-version parameter sets the required operating version for all volumes in a cluster on the server side. Each client supports a range of operating versions that are identified by a minimum (min-op-version) and maximum (max-op-version) supported operating version.
Check the operating versions of the clients connected to a given volume by running the following command:

For Red Hat Gluster 3.2 and later

  1. # gluster volume status volname clients
    Use all in place of the name of your volume if you want to see the operating versions of clients connected to all volumes in the cluster.

Before Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.2:

  1. Perform a state dump for the volume whose clients you want to check.
    # gluster volume statedump volname
  2. Locate the state dump directory
    # gluster --print-statedumpdir
  3. Locate the state dump file and grep for client information.
    # grep -A4 "identifier=client_ip" statedumpfile
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