Appendix A. Revision History

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Revision History
Revision 3.4-4Wed Mar 27 2019Red Hat Gluster Storage Documentation Team
Corrected commands required to enable/disable CTDB scripts (BZ#1560732)
Updated firewall documentation to improve usability and accuracy (BZ#1565937, BZ#1614416, BZ#1332129)
Updated recommended backend for Active Directory (BZ#1376546)
Added instructions for converting arbitrated volumes to replicated volumes and vice versa (BZ#1641990)
Updated client support matrix (BZ#1661060)
Added instructions for restarting failed bricks (BZ#1558194)
Added fstab option to wait for devices at boot (BZ#1663563)
Added IPv6 support (BZ#1676886)
Added lru-limit mount option (BZ#1674018)
Various minor corrections for commands, typographical errors, etc.
Revision 3.4-3Mon Feb 04 2019Red Hat Gluster Storage Documentation Team
BZ#1484349 - Documented the procedure for adding new volumes in geo-replication
BZ#1486094 - Added warnings regarding Red Hat support for Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4, 3.3, and 3.2 clients.
BZ#1536973 - Documented procedure to revoke the authorization of a client to access the Red Hat Gluster Storage trusted storage pool.
BZ#1564031 - Added information about snapshot metadata size.
BZ#1584459 - Documented the support for LVM Cache
BZ#1590496 - Documented the, cluster.entry-self-heal, and cluster.metadata-self-heal options in the Volume Options table.
BZ#1624397 - Removed EXT4 FS entries from examples in section Displaying Volume Status
BZ#1635120 - Documented the RHEL 7.5 support for Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.3.1.
BZ#1637490 - Documented the JBOD and RAID6 requirements for dedicated and chained arbiter configuration.
BZ#1639547 - Corrected error in replace host procedure.
BZ#1642378 - Various minor corrections in Configuration File section to improve usability.
BZ#1644480 - Added warnings about glusterd crash.
BZ#1648809 - Added RHEL 7 encrypted disk reference
BZ#1649331 - Added a new prerequisite to ensure that NFS is disabled on all volumes before running NFS-Ganesha
BZ#1649798 - Revised network encryption chapter to improve usability.
BZ#1651541 - Documented the self heal prerequisite before converting existing replica 2 bricks to arbitrated.
BZ#1659318 - Updated the Support Matrix table to include RHEL 7.6 information.
BZ#1659944 - Documented new default value for op-version.
BZ#1659965 - Documented the support for reader-thread-count option
BZ#1660456 - Removed mention of unsupported encryption translator.
BZ#1662889 - Removed the additional command to set slave volume in read-only mode to avoid being written by clients other than geo-replication.
BZ#1668278 - Documented the mandatory volume options user.cifs or user.smb to export gluster volume as SMB share via Samba.
Revision 3.4-2Wed Oct 31 2018Red Hat Gluster Storage Documentation Team
Content updates for Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4 Batch 1 Update.
Revision 3.4-1Tue Sep 04 2018Red Hat Gluster Storage Documentation Team
Updates for Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4 release.
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