11.2. Setting Multiple Volume Option

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A group configuration file is a file used to define and customize volume options. There are some predefined group configuration files for specific workload patterns like negative lookup cache, virtualization, metadata cache and gluster-block.
The parameters defined in the file can then be applied to a volume as a group, rather than setting one parameter at a time.

Creating a group configuration file

  1. Create a new file in the /var/lib/glusterd/groups/ directory.
    # touch /var/lib/glusterd/groups/filename
  2. Add the parameters and values that you want to set on the volume to the created file as key-value pairs, placing each parameter on a new line:
    For example,

Adding configurations to volumes

Run the following command to apply the configurations in the group file to specific volumes:
# gluster volume set volname group filename
For example,
# gluster volume set volume1 group virt
# gluster volume set volume2 group virt
# gluster volume set volume3 group dbgroup


The configuration file created should be placed in all the hosts of the trusted storage pool under /var/lib/glusterd/groups/. This can be achieved with the help of gdeploy configuration file.
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