2.6. Debug Security Manager Policies

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You can enable debugging information to help you troubleshoot security policy-related issues. The option configures the level of security-related information reported. The command java will produce help output with the full range of debugging options. Setting the debug level to all is useful when troubleshooting a security-related failure whose cause is completely unknown, but for general use it will produce too much information. A sensible general default is access:failure.

Procedure 2.3. Enable general debugging

  • This procedure will enable a sensible general level of security-related debug information.

    Add the following line to the server configuration file.
    • If the JBoss EAP 6 instance is running in a managed domain, the line is added to the bin/domain.conf file for Linux or the bin\domain.conf.bat file for Windows.
    • If the JBoss EAP 6 instance is running as a standalone server, the line is added to the bin/standalone.conf file for Linux, or the bin\standalone.conf.bat file for Windows.

A general level of security-related debug information has been enabled.

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