Chapter 5. Deleting a machine

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You can delete a specific machine.

5.1. Deleting a specific machine

You can delete a specific machine.


You cannot delete a control plane machine.


  • Install an OpenShift Container Platform cluster.
  • Install the OpenShift CLI (oc).
  • Log in to oc as a user with cluster-admin permission.


  1. View the machines that are in the cluster and identify the one to delete:

    $ oc get machine -n openshift-machine-api

    The command output contains a list of machines in the <clusterid>-worker-<cloud_region> format.

  2. Delete the machine:

    $ oc delete machine <machine> -n openshift-machine-api

    By default, the machine controller tries to drain the node that is backed by the machine until it succeeds. In some situations, such as with a misconfigured pod disruption budget, the drain operation might not be able to succeed in preventing the machine from being deleted. You can skip draining the node by annotating "" in a specific machine. If the machine being deleted belongs to a machine set, a new machine is immediately created to satisfy the specified number of replicas.

5.2. Additional resources

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