12.26. Installation Complete

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Congratulations! Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation is now complete!
The installation program prompts you to prepare your system for reboot.
IBM eServer System p and System i — Completing the Installation
Do not forget to remove any boot media.
After rebooting, you must set the open firmware boot device to the disk containing your Red Hat Enterprise Linux PReP and / partitions. To accomplish this, wait until the LED indicator or HMC SRC says E1F1, then press 1 to enter the System Management Services GUI. Click on Select Boot Options. Select Select Boot Devices. Select Configure 1st Boot Device. Select the disk containing Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Set the other devices as you wish. Then exit the SMS menus to boot your new system.


Steps in the SMS menu may be different depending on the machine model.
After your computer's normal power-up sequence has completed, YABOOT's prompt appears, at which you can do any of the following things:
  • Press Enter — causes YABOOT's default boot entry to be booted.
  • Select a boot label, followed by Enter — causes YABOOT to boot the operating system corresponding to the boot label. (Press Tab for non-System i systems at the boot: prompt for a list of valid boot labels.)
  • Do nothing — after YABOOT's timeout period, (by default, five seconds) YABOOT automatically boots the default boot entry.
Once Red Hat Enterprise Linux has booted, one or more screens of messages should scroll by. Eventually, a login: prompt or a GUI login screen (if you installed the X Window System and chose to start X automatically) appears.
The first time you start your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system in run level 5 (the graphical run level), the Setup Agent is presented, which guides you through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux configuration. Using this tool, you can set your system time and date, install software, register your machine with Red Hat Network, and more. The Setup Agent lets you configure your environment at the beginning, so that you can get started using your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system quickly.
For information on registering your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, refer to Chapter 25, Register Your System and Apply Subscriptions.
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