Chapter 19. qemu-kvm Commands, Flags, and Arguments

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19.1. Introduction


The primary objective of this chapter is to provide a list of the qemu-kvm utility commands, flags, and arguments that are used as an emulator and a hypervisor in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This is a comprehensive summary of the options that are known to work but are to be used at your own risk. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses KVM as an underlying virtualization technology. The machine emulator and hypervisor used is a modified version of QEMU called qemu-kvm. This version does not support all configuration options of the original QEMU and it also adds some additional options.
Options not listed here should not be performed.

Whitelist Format

  • <name> - When used in a syntax description, this string should be replaced by user-defined value.
  • [a|b|c] - When used in a syntax description, only one of the strings separated by | is used.
  • When no comment is present, an option is supported with all possible values.
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