14.22.8. Listing Information about a Virtual Network

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Returns the list of active networks, if --all is specified this will also include defined but inactive networks, if --inactive is specified only the inactive ones will be listed. You may also want to filter the returned networks by --persistent to list the persitent ones, --transient to list the transient ones, --autostart to list the ones with autostart enabled, and --no-autostart to list the ones with autostart disabled.
Note: When talking to older servers, this command is forced to use a series of API calls with an inherent race, where a pool might not be listed or might appear more than once if it changed state between calls while the list was being collected. Newer servers do not have this problem.
To list the virtual networks, run:
# net-list [--inactive | --all] [--persistent] [<--transient>] [--autostart] [<--no-autostart>]
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