Chapter 8. Advanced Guest Virtual Machine Administration

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This chapter covers advanced administration tools for fine tuning and controlling system resources as they are made available to guest virtual machines.

8.1. Control Groups (cgroups)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 provides a new kernel feature: control groups, which are often referred to as cgroups. Cgroups allow you to allocate resources such as CPU time, system memory, network bandwidth, or a combination of these resources among user-defined groups of tasks (processes) running on a system. You can monitor the cgroups you configure, deny cgroups access to certain resources, and even reconfigure your cgroups dynamically on a running system.
The cgroup functionality is fully supported by libvirt. By default, libvirt puts each guest into a separate control group for various controllers (such as memory, cpu, blkio, device).
When a guest is started, it is already in a cgroup. The only configuration that may be required is the setting of policies on the cgroups. Refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Resource Management Guide for more information on cgroups.
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